Sometimes we lose touch with those we open our hearts to. And then all we want is to be visible. This poem is for those who wish to be seen by your loved ones.

the windows are opened, doors are disappeared

and you look from the deep sense of eye blick

there was a moment, you just got it

why you chased the rainbow when it was snowing?

you do your steps, you look like a million

and then you are being left

you hit the roof, you hit the sack

the story just changed

you want to be seen, you want to be touched

you wrap your head around something

it is a wish, it is an instinct

you go crazy on the waves

words are strict, the ghosts are flying

say hello to whom you are searching

in the end, you are the one who is desolate

all you want is to be checked

Ezel, October 2022

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